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Lock pins for the carbide cutting tools industry.

If you have checked with our competitors, you may have already noticed that they offer a few dozen negative lock pins at the most. At Maple Industries, we offer nearly 100 different negative lock pins to fit just about any application. We take care to address every dimension, including: insert I.C., length, hex and thread. While positive lock pins may not come in as many sizes as negative lock pins, that doesn’t mean they are any less important. 

The bottom line: if you are stuck without either, the whole operation can come to a halt. At Maple Industries, we offer the seven most popular sizes and have people at the ready to machine a different size if you need it; just say the word. Superior customer service is what we strive for, from the time you request positive lock pins until they are delivered to your door.

Negative Lock Pins NL

Negative Lock Pins NLC

Negative Lock Pins NLM

Negative Lock Pins 053

Negative Lock Pins KL

Negative Lock Pins KLC

Negative Lock Pins KLM

Negative Lock Pins MN

Positive Lock Pins PL

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