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Shims for the carbide cutting tools industry.

Shims come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. At Maple Industries, we carry many unique styles of shims to meet your needs. This includes more than 100 individual shims. To help you find the part you need, we have listed them in easy-to-read grids that include the series ID, style number, insert I.C., thickness (T) and radius (R). All of our shims are made to exacting standards right in our New Hudson, Michigan facilities and have been for more than 30 years.

Shims ICSN

Shims IDSN

Shims IRSN

Shims ISSN

Shims ITSN

Shims IVSN

Shims IWSN

Shims MCN

Shims MDN

Shims MRN

Shims MSN

Shims MTN

Shims MVN

Shims PSQ

Shims PTP

Shims RS

Shims SCN

Shims SM

Shims SSN

Shims STN

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