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Shim Screws & Clamp Screws for the carbide cutting tools industry.

In the world of specialty screws and industrial fasteners, every screw is critical, but all screws are not created equal. Some screws are used for completely different purposes, such as clamp screws and shim screws. At Maple Industries, we carry dozens of specialty screws for all of your manufacturing needs.

Shim Screws: Tool holders are essential to your business and without the right shim screws, the whole operation can come to a halt. Don’t let that happen to you. Maple Industries carries many different standard shim screws.

Clamp Screws: In carbide cutting tools, precision is the name of the game. To better fine-tune your tools, clamp screws are a must. We have numerous styles and sizes of clamp screws for you to choose from, all manufactured with durability and longevity in mind.

Shim Screws

Part Specifications:

Material: AISI 41L40 Cold Drawn Annealed
Finish: Black Oxide


Clamp Screws

Part Specifications

Material: AISI 41L40 Cold Drawn Annealed
Hardness: Rc 40 – 44

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