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Torx Screws for the carbide cutting tools industry.

Torx screws, sometimes called star screws, are simply screws with six-point star shaped heads. Common sizes of Torx screws include T10, T15 and T25, but Maple Industries, offers those standard sizes and dozens more for the carbide cutting tools market.

Why Torx Screws? 

Torx screws prevent cam out and, therefore, increase tool longevity. On traditional hex screws, as torque is increased, the design promotes cam out to prevent over-tightening. As torque control tools have improved and limited over tightening, cam out became a burden. Torx screws, by design, prevent cam out.

Please Note: The cross reference part numbers may not be an exact dimensional match to the Maple order number, but it is usually an acceptable equivalent.

Torx Screws

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